Rory Barnes

Australian author. Born in London,  England in 1946 but almost immediately his family moved first to Rhodesia, then Sydney, and he has lived in Australia for most of his life and become an Australian national. Despite suffering from dyslexia he graduated with an honours degree from Monash University, worked as a teacher and lecturer and began writing novels. Although initially unsuccessful as a novelist he eventually found popularity and acclaim as a writer of young adult fiction, in particular science fiction. Amongst his works are a series featuring a horse - probably the weirdest stories you will ever read with an equine character - not true horse stories perhaps, but worth a mention for the sheer oddness!

Rory Barnes has also written adult fiction, non-fiction and co-authored a number of books with Damien Broderick. He has his own website where you can find a lot more info about his books and life.

Horsehead Series:
Humourous teen fantasy series. The first book is not horsy, a horse appears as an important character in books two and three, although be warned: do not expect traditional horse stories here - these are extremely off-beat! For fans of sci-fi or quirky stories only.

SUMMARY: No horse content. Included here for clarity, and for those who like to read series in order. Also you may need to read this to make sense of the other books! Spud is happy enough with his life, riding his beloved BMX bike. But after a terrible accident he is 'rescued' by two mad young brain surgeons, Rachael and Gazza, and ends up as a brain in a vat! Despite this setback, he doesn't let life get him down and sets out to solve the problem of Rachael's chequered love life...

SUMMARY: Spud is now 'living' in the body of Bluey. When Bluey's dodgy mates turn up they plan to kidnap Spud and place his brain in the body of a racehorse called Staxa Fun, so enabling them to win a race and make lots of money.

SUMMARY: Spud, the horse and Rachael and Gazza have all fallen into a vat of liquid nitrogen and are frozen for centuries. When they wake up in the future from their cryogenic sleep, they find they are now exhibits in a theme park!

Collector's Info:
Unfortunately the books are hard to find. A few copies are available in Australia, but they are almost impossible to find elsewhere. May possibly also be available from the author's website.